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Grumman FM2(F-4F) "Wildcat"

Grumman FM2 "Wildcat"
846 Squadron Royal Navy scheme

Grumman FM2 "Wildcat"
Redesignated Martlet MkVI Fleet Air Arm
 This Grumman FM2 Wilcat, was built by General Motors Corporation, at Trenton, New Jersey, for the US Navy in 1945. After being delivered to the US Navy, it was stored in the Tillamook Naval Aviation Station. After being discharged, it was owned by several private owners. It was exhibited at the Chennault Air Museum, and was later restored and was put in flight condition. In 1993 he became part of the Flying Legends collection where it flew with the F-4F scheme of the Fleet Air Arm, which served on the HMS Tracker in 1944.

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